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Our innovative burn mechanic,
promptly named 'The Barbecue', will allow for a fast-paced token environment where participation is the key to success. You can also choose not to participate, just understand that a certain amount of your tokens will be burned if you don't.

The Barbecue is an announced event that will happen at random times. Our site will have a custom UI where you have to input a specific answer that we will tease through socials as marketing.

Holders of $SHRIMP will then be asked to input the answer on our site and deposit/stake a flat amount of $SHRIMP. In the early stages, the value of this deposit will be minimal, but as time goes by, we might adjust.
We have full flexibility when it comes to the amount.
This will create buying pressure from anyone owning less than the deposit amount, unless they want to get barbecued. If you don't participate, or get the answer wrong, we'll either burn a flat amount, or a specific % of your $SHRIMP. Users who submit the correct answer will get their $SHRIMP back when the event concludes.

The Barbecue