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This section serves as a legal disclaimer for $SHRIMP.

  1. Understanding of Tokens: Any person that interacts with $SHRIMP should have a sufficient understanding of cryptographic tokens, token storage mechanisms, and blockchain technology to understand these terms and to appreciate the risks of interacting with $SHRIMP.

  2. Not a Security: $SHRIMP is not a security, investment product, or a form of financial instrument. It is not intended to represent any form of share, stake, debt, or security, or any other equivalent rights, in any entity.

  3. Artistic Value Only: The primary purpose of $SHRIMP is to act as a digital representation of art. Its value is purely artistic and subjective. It should not be considered as having any intrinsic monetary value.

  4. No Financial Gain: $SHRIMP is not intended for use in speculative trading or for financial gain. Trading or exchanging it for other digital or fiat currencies is not recommended and should be undertaken at one's own risk.

  5. No Promises or Guarantees: No promises or guarantees of future performance, value increase, or return on investment are made with regard to $SHRIMP. There is no guarantee that any limited number of $SHRIMP will be produced. Do not rely on any representations of anyone, whether oral or in written communications. It should be seen purely as a digital art piece. $SHRIMP is being provided “as is” and there is no promise of support, and no promise that it will function as intended.

  6. Assumption of Risk: Any engagement with $SHRIMP, whether in acquisition, trading, or otherwise, should be considered to be risky and is done at the individual's own risk. Users should conduct their own due diligence and consult with financial experts before engaging with $SHRIMP.

  7. Compliance with Laws: Users of $SHRIMP are responsible for ensuring that their interactions with it comply with local laws and regulations.

  8. No Rights to Profits or Revenues. Users of $SHRIMP will not receive any rights to any of the profits or revenues of the network, any associated company or to any other user of the network.

  9. Tax Treatment: Users are responsible for any personal tax consequences arising from any interaction with $SHRIMP. Users should seek out independent accounting, financial, tax advice where they reside while engaging with $SHRIMP.

  10. Cybersecurity Risks: The $SHRIMP Network and tokens may be interrupted in the event of a cyber-attack, hack or other malicious activity. User understands that they are interacting with the network at their own risk and are aware of the risks related to interacting with a blockchain protocol.

  11. Security Practices: Users are strongly encouraged to implement to security best practices, including secure storage of any private keys and using reputable wallets, to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and potential loss of any assets.

  12. Community Governance: $SHRIMP operates on a decentralized network, and decisions related to its development and governance are made collectively by the community. Users should be aware that changes to the $SHRIMP network may occur at any time through consensus.

Limited Liquidity: $SHRIMP may have limited liquidity in certain markets. Users should be cautious about potential difficulties in buying or selling $SHRIMP. $SHRIMP may be considered to have no value and any purchaser or holder of $SHRIMP should be prepared for it to have zero value.

By engaging with $SHRIMP, users acknowledge and agree to the terms set out in this disclaimer.